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Video, combind with an immersive format, makes it possible to combine the known performance of animations on social networks, with the visual quality of a full-screen ad. . Get meaningful insight into your ROI In order to allow advertisers to obtain more in-depth results adaptd to full-screen formats such as Collection or Canvas, various indicators are implementd. Thus, it is possible to see the number of clicks on an ad, but also the time spent browsing the ad, or even the outgoing click rate of the ad to the advertiser’s site. The latter can in this way draw useful data about the journey of each of its users.

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How to use the analysis of your SEO results? This is the problem addressd by the Khiva tool developd by the Powertrafic team. On the whatsapp mobile number list occasion of the launch of the beta version of the tool , Henri OFFROY, co-founder of the company, hostd a webinar on Thursday February 23, 2017 organizd in partnership with SEMrush . What did we talk about? An SEO strategy is necessarily accompanid by an in-depth analysis of the main key performance indicators (KPIs) of your website, but not just any.

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The most relevant and reliable KPIs should be identifid using suitable tools. To carry out the SEO analysis of your site. It is necessary SV Lists to cross-reference certain indicators with each other by comparing the results of different tools. Thus, it is interesting to cross the results of SEMrush and Google Analytics or of SEMrush and the Search Console. And this is the whole point of Khiva. How does Khiva work? Khiva is an SEO tool that allows you to observe and interpret the main indicators of your site.

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