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You only have to have a laptop and prepare for a minimum of 10 weeks after which the final product will be the presentation of an individual or group project and then receive feback from experts in web development, design and recogniz guests who represent different startups in the country. Maker philosophy: beginnings and influence in the academic university As can be seen, today the growing demand for startups in our country and in the world has generat the participation of different people with work dynamics that are different from each other but unit by a single purpose: learning and teaching in a space.

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That turns ideas into design products to then give way to the creation of multiple solutions to the problems and demands in our daily lives. The case of these two communities that i share and that began their work less than five years ago is just an important example of what can be achiev with an interdisciplinary community that seeks solutions to different problems and constant research to b2b leads meet the nes that as the years go by, they grow rapidly. Activities in this regard, it is important to recognize the participation that the upn students of the ii cycle of the systems engineering degree had in their first hackathon organiz by the pucp as part of their extracurricular activities.

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From this first approach, students from different professional careers and already familiar with the maker dynamic also took part in another event, this time organiz by the Agrarian University of La Molina (UNALM), where the participants form work teams to carry out carry out projects for the sustainable development of the community. Thus, the II BIO Hackathon SV Lists was held at the UNALM Open Learning Center (CAA) which brought together students from different universities in Lima. As part of the jury, representatives from Incuba Agraria, International Potato Center, CIDE PUCP, PROM Perú, Ministry of Production, private companies and the Vice-Rectorate of Research of UNALM were in charge.

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