Will Be Completely Happy If

The crazy Cordera, former leader of the Bersuit Vergarabat, recently wrote: “I am my own religion, my sovereign, I teach myself.” These lyrics invite me to reflect on that individuality “so and too human” to which we are prey, of that fateful destiny so irremiably Greek and with no escape. But, in those hustle and bustle of history, we try to recover that idea of ​​communion that makes us members of a church in which we walk in search of some lord: this is the Christian ideology that propos among its hippies ideals such as that of working together.

Dynamic Desire It Turns

And integrative for the benefit of the entire community. What has been written leads me to think about the so-call collaborative learning , so in vogue in recent years and that has made class sessions a new scenario to propose, that is, no longer the teacher who business database is the protagonist of the session but the guide who proposes a challenge to reach a group, perhaps not so much a group, but a group after all, that will work motivat to achieve the same “controll” objective, where each one will contribute from their “talent” that quota that will be set from a start.

Out That We Die

There is no doubt that on this route the ghosts of incompatibility of characters or incorrect assignment of roles will appear, and the one I fear the most: individual competition between its members, the one that gives rise to our most lizard behavior, of course, We are human, and it brings down whatever communion we seek to optimize. So, if collaborative learning is actually a mere dreamlike chimera SV Lists of ucational approaches, how about we turn to the so-call cooperative learning , which, believe it or not, is also in vogue in recent years.

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