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Data to see which voices generat the most value. Which influencers perform best. And which products from the collection were the most successful. All this information will become essential for your next show and your next collection . Allowing you to build on your success and continue to increase both the impact and miv® of your brand. We hope this checklist will be useful for fashion weeks 2020. In the meantime. We invite you to find out more about gps radar to start uploading your galleries and events.Ashion week represents one of the most important events for the sector at an international level. But what does all this mean for brands?

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Analyze your competitors and understand what works for them. Understand. And compare. Your voice mix to understand if you should be using more mia or influencers or if you are not making the best use of your own mia during events. Find out who generates the highest miv®. Most efficiently and incorporate the data into your fashion week strategy. Analyzing historical data will help you understand the right formula to apply at fashion week. Be it organizing more experiential and noteworthy shows. Changing the audience. b2b leads Collaborating with celebrities or increas coverage ahead of the show. Once your show is over. Don’t forget about it. Analyze event

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Able to send items of potential interest directly to customers. Additionally. By analyzing downloads of upload photos. You will be able to identify the most popular looks and items by region and get a better idea of ​​what will sell when the collection goes on sale. Tip: on gps  SV Lists radar you can upload any public events or show afterparties you might be hosting. So show attendees can easily see the schule. And events taking place. In their news fes. Benchmark your performance fashion weeks can be competitive. Given the number of shows and fashion shows that take place day after day. Take advantage of the competitive advantage of this factor to

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