SEO for Nonprofits & Charities 13 Tips for

Search engine optimization (SEO) for nonprofits and charities is the process of optimizing websites to increase visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs) when people look for information related to that organization’s cause, e.g., volunteering, fundraising, events, education, etc. Basic tools (which are free) To implement the tips featured in this article, you’ll need a couple of free tools. But don’t hurry to get them now. SEO for Nonprofits You can do it later once you choose the tips that you want to use. Ahrefs Webmaster Tools – AWT is our free tool that allows you to improve your website’s SEO performance and get more traffic from search.

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Information like all known keywords your site ranks for, show all backlinks, and perform technical audits automatically, among other things. A keyword research tool – Some free ones executive data are Ahrefs’ free keyword generator, Keyword Surfer, or Google Keyword Planner. Google with search operators – In case you haven’t had the occasion to use those, search operators allow for customizing search results. For example, you can tell Google to only show mentions of your organization on a particular website. Now that we know what tools to use, let’s look at 13 actionable tips that can boost traffic. First things first. Let’s talk about your website’s technical fundamentals. They may need a little work.

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Get them in order first, you risk undermining your SEO efforts in the long run. I’m talking about things like issues with crawling and indexing, missing meta tags, slow loading SV Lists times, and practices that result in bad user experiences (e.g., pop-ups). It happens to everyone, businesses and nonprofits alike. SEO for Nonprofits  Moreover, that may be your best shot at credibility. In this case, if the search intent suggests that people are looking for a list of nonprofit organizations, a “nonpartisan” result is likely more credible. But there’s more to that tactic. Yes, you will get visibility and traffic. But if the site that is going to feature you also links to your website, that will be a new backlink for you. And each additional site that chooses to do things similarly will, of course, give you another backlink.

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