Their own Marketing team

 After all, there is nothing better than people who live the day-to-day business to know the product or service being sold, define the ideal persona and align what is missing to achieve the desir objectives. Digital Marketing is extremely important, but it should not go it alone: ​​it is crucial that there is this integration between teams that think about Marketing on and offline. By doing this, it will be easier when hiring a Digital Marketing agency , as the information necessary to build strategic planning will be convey in a much more enlightening way. In other words, an in-house team increases the chances that the benefits of a partnership like this will last for many years into the future.

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And what are these benefits?” you ask. Three of them new data immiately come to mind: cost-benefit, expertise, and focus on results : Cost benefit Believe me: by hiring a Digital Marketing agency, you will be saving money . Cost -benefit doesn’t mean “cheap”, exactly. But compar to any other attempt to increase sales, having a Digital Marketing agency as a partner is the biggest cost-benefit — skyrocketing! Within Digital Marketing , each strategy will have a different demand for professionals. This means that a given campaign may require more content creation , and writers and copywriters will therefore be in greater demand.

As much as hiring a Digital Marketing

 Not to mention that, if one of them nes to be absent or decides to leave the company, their social networks could be left without content, the website out of date, the metrics untrack… it gets complicat. By outsourcing the service, the contract company will have already carri out this entire selection procure. Here at Orgânica, for example, our professionals are experts SV Lists and have spent years studying to deliver the best results! Just to give you an idea, I start Advertising in 2005.

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