The Product Industry’s Hidden Treasures

So after, live and direct, he told on his  The Product YouTube channel how he was creating a niche from scratch explaining each step, I suggested writing this post that summarizes everything. And now that I have read it, I can confirm that it is the milk. I won’t get involved anymore and I’ll leave you in good hands: Article index 1 How to choose a good niche and why it is the main mistake that newbies make 2 Amazon commission percentage 3 The ratings of these products.

Rolling up my The Product sleeves and starting to create niches like crazy

How to differentiate between top industry data keywords that make money and keywords that take away focus 8 Validate products on Amazon 9 Estimate the economic potential of each niche 10 What do you have to do next? Hello reader, Dani here! A few weeks ago I stopped by to tell you how I managed to generate almost €5,000 a month and how I’m going to overcome it , and from the entire post, if I could only keep one sentence, it would be this: For a long time. on Amazon 4 The average sales price 5 Search volume and competition 6 Whether it has (or not) seasonality.

Suggested writing this post that summarizes everything

I was like 95% of the people who want to SV Lists set up a niche and I simply dedicated myself to accumulating knowledge without taking action. Of course, at that time I didn’t manage to make a cent with niches, and although I learned a lot about SEO (theoretically), I didn’t know even 20% of what I would learn in just a few weeks of rolling up my sleeves and starting to create niches like crazy . More than 50 in one year that allowed me to invoice my first 30,000 “passive” euros. So in this post I just want to encourage you to do one thing: if you are one of the 855,574 people who have visited this blog and would like to start making money with niches, start today.

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