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Developed by BigDade Game Development. This game is specifically designed to display Indonesian characteristics.  The game is like a battle royale style in general, the unique . Thing is that this game is set in Indonesian regions, such as Manado.  Tondano, Airmadidi, Bitung, Toraja, Tarakan, Pontianak, Riau. Padang, Bengkulu, Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Magelang, Surabaya, Bali, Jayapura, and Rosberg. Graphically, it meets today’s mobile game standards. Several graphic options are provided, ranging from low , ultra , to extreme .   How to download it? Visit Google Play and click here . The following are the details taken on February . If not updated to premium version) Installed.

Mini Racing Adventures mini

racing 3D Mini Racing Adventures is the best 3D endless side scrolling physics racing genre game ever made. This locally made game is very interesting to play, especially when you want to play it with your friends. Apart from the offline vs computer feature , this game also has an online real time multiplayer feature to fight other whatsapp database racers or your friends. You can just download it for free on Google Play Mini Racing Adventures . The following are the details taken on February 3, 2021: Rating: 4.2 Size: 99 MB Installed: 10,000,000+ Developer : Mini Racing Adventures #7. Indonesian Bus Simulator bus simulator It’s not complete if you haven’t downloaded this game hehe. If you like the feel of the streets in Indonesia, then you must install the Bus Simulator Indonesia game .

The aim of this game is to take

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passengers from the starting point to the ending point according to the map route . The controls and virtual controls are neat, allowing you to turn the steering wheel back and forth like a real bus driver . Curious? Just click on Google Play .  Rating: 4.5 Size: varies according to device size. Installed: 50,000,000+ Developer : #8. Epic converse SV Lists epic converse Epic Conquest is the next best Android offline game , a classic Single-Player RPG that has a special touch in the combat and story sections . This game will provide an experience that you rarely .  Fight for young people affected by medical illnesses and cancer.

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