The essence of A/B testing lies in changing

On the other hand, there are obvious things. By using the (content delivery network), we can increase the speed at which any user on the planet receives our content. Is a network of servers located in different locations around the world where your static content (general images, videos, audio and files) will be cloned to serve users of our website from the closest server to the location. The most well-known and commonly used services are.

Email with the best user interaction or

Email Marketing and Automation Conclusion Optimizing your website to increase loading special data speed is not an option; it is an obligation. If you do not, you will lose scores when competing with other pages in your search results, and you may also damage the experience of users (particularly mobile users), so that they no longer come back or just do not want to wait for your site to load. You know that by optimizing your website, you will improve your results.

Publishing the landing page that converts

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