Succeeding in the New Normal with LinkedIn

Unfortunately, 98% of LinkedIn users miss the mark. That means that the 2% who leverage the platform effectively can Succeeding in vastly outperform their competitors. Virtual networks normal with linkedIn are a scalable relationship-building tool because they are time-saving, informed, widely visible, free, and available 24/7. It’s no surprise, then, that 75% of decision makers prefer remote interactions and self-service options, enough to make sizable purchases with these interactions alone.


Normal with LinkedIn Personal brand visibility

A star-rated LinkedIn profile increases company data your reach by more than 50%. Our WSI eBook is available from your WSI Consultant and guides you through the eight different things you need to complete. But creating a prominent profile can be difficult if you don’t like writing about yourself. If that’s the case, it makes sense to get help from specialists. When you invite your ideal candidate to connect, use the Connect button in the profile view so you can personalize your message. 


Build better connections Succeeding in

While getting over 500 initial connections SV Lists is a milestone to work toward, the quality of your connections trumps the quantity, especially since LinkedIn is “watching” and will suggest more of the type of connections you have. Targeted search results in all categories return not only people, but also articles, content, and jobs related to your search.  If there is someone you would like to connect with despite not having common ground, thought leadership is the medium for you. 

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