Guide to selling on Instagram Shopping step by step

Do you Guide to want to start selling on Instagram? Do you know what Instagram Shopping is and how it works ? Today I bring you a guide to know. Therefore, how to set up Instagram shopping and how it works to convert your account into an online store, without losing the essence of your brand. If you want to learn how to put your products on Instagram and have users buy them in a few simple steps, don’t miss this guide. Everything you need to know to install Instagram. Therefore, Shopping on your account. But first of all: Post contents [ Hide ] What is Instagram Shopping How Instagram Shopping works step by step Instagram Shopping advantages and disadvantages How to create and configure a store. Therefore, to sell on Instagram How to tag products on Instagram Insta Shopping Tips Examples of Instagram Shopping Spain

How Instagram Shopping works step by step Guide to

Instagram Shopping is a social network category email list functionality that allows brands and. Therefore, companies to sell their products directly from the social network without having to leave the application through the publications (whether photos or videos) that they upload to their profile by tagging the product with its price and to which additional information can be added. The data offered by the official Instagram. Therefore, Business page makes it very clear: 70% of users who have a clear purchase intention go to Instagram to find out about products. In a survey carried out by Instagram, 87% of users confess that influencers have a great influence when choosing a product. Instagram is a social network where visual content prevails, which is. Therefore, why it becomes a great ally when creating an online store on this social network. 

Now I'll explain to you what the user experience is like

As you can see in the image above, you SV lists know that an account has Instagram. Therefore, Shopping when the large button with the call to action name appears. By clicking on that button you will see at once all the products that the account uploaded so that you can buy from the application. The second method to see the products on an Instagram account is by looking when a post has the white icon of a bag. Indicates that it is an image or video promoting an. Therefore, article. How to see prices on Instagram shopping When you click on the image of a publication, two buttons appear. 

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