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You can be remembere for many factors: from quality, through values, to perfect customer service. Features of a good brand that wins loyal customers You have to earn customers who are happy to return. In turn, a good brand consists of three characteristics that should be taken into account when creating it. The first of them is identification, all those elements that allow you to know the characteristics of the brand. Customers perceive a brand with their senses. Most often, the sense of sight works, which is why colors, logos and shapes are so important.

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In the case of some products, taste and smell will also play a very important role, and sound and rhythm are no less important. A great example here is Calgon – thinking about the brand, we immeiately hum a well-known fragment of the advertisement. Identification whatsapp mobile number list is of great importance already at the first stage of its construction. Although nothing stands in the way of rebranding the brand – as long as we do it wisely. The second element – parameters, everything relate to the perception of the brand by customers. These are the properties of products or services.

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The nees they satisfy and the benefits that can be functional or emotional. The features of a good brand, focuse around product parameters, allow you to gain a group of loyal customers. At the same time, they make the task of competition more SV Lists difficult, because the brand becomes very difficult to follow. We recommend Brand strategy – examples that inspire The third element is associations, of course the positive ones. Associations are the most difficult to build, because this process takes years and requires reaching the client. Even though this is a time-consuming task, it will definitely be worthwhile, because there is no better proof that a brand is really strong.

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