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If there are a lot of posts (i.e. from many years), going through the posts and reducing the tags or categories brings a lot of extra work. In this case, I recommend considering removing tags from the sidebar entirely and replacing them with categories. to choose which categories appear in the listing, so you can choose only those that are read the most and that you want to write about in the future. This forces you to think more about what kind of content you write. I promise that by narrowing down the topic, you will get more readers who will stay longer on your blog. In categories, I prefer 4 – 6 main categories, under which no more than 3 subcategories can be made. In this way, there are a maximum of 18 categories in total. from an SEO perspective on Wednesday. 2.

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Latest articles You can offer the reader more to read, but instead of the latest articles, use the most popular articles. In any case, the reader goes new database to the blog and sees the posts from newest to oldest. posts to the sidebar over and over again. The most popular posts, on the other hand, tell the reader what others are reading on your blog right now and get new readers interested in them. If possible, take advantage of this gimmick of three: Add an affiliate link to one product that fits the In this way, you maximize the benefit of the post: you get more readers and possibly more income Alternative to latest articles Direct readers within a blog post to other posts like I did below Read more: 15  Never method. , thanks to which the reader stays in your blog for longer and longer. Sweet! 3. Long advertising banners Long advertising banners sometimes add unnecessary length to the blog.

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 In any case, the fact is that the top three sections in the sidebar get the most attention from readers. bringing you anything, you should remove SV Lists them and replace them in another way. quality. Affiliate professionals favor a handful of affiliate products that they recommend. Therefore, filling the sidebar with various advertising banners is pointless. An alternative to sidebar ad banners You can add ad banners directly to the post, where they are much more effective than in the sidebar. I personally don’t use advertising banners on my blog, but for this post I make an exception to show the power of the banner. The ad banner below is guaranteed to stop you for a moment, it stands out from the text and since I made it myself, I was able to influence the bullets I highlight. affiliate marketing You can get advertising banners from affiliate networks or make them yourself. The image above was made with the free Canvas and it would be possible to add an affiliate link to it. However, I omitted the link in this case.

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