Santa Claus and Mother Earth’s love melts in this gloomy spot

The Norwegian postal service Posten has entertained us in recent years with Christmas advertisements full of provocation and controversy . Last year Posten’s Christmas spot starred a gay Santa Claus and in 2020 Posten set his sights on a moody, Twitter-addicted Santa Claus who clearly looked in Donald Trump’s mirror. And before these two announcements Posten dared to suggest that a postman (and not the Holy Spirit) was the one who had impregnated the Virgin Mary . This year the Norwegian postal service takes on a topical issue, climate change, in a gloomy spot that tells of the love affair between Santa Claus and Mother Earth. At first the two lovers ooze happiness from every pore, but as Christmas approaches, arguments and fights become the usual trend in their relationship.

Mother Earth fed up 

Absolutely unleashed consumerism, decides to leave Santa Claus standing, but aware of the wonderful woman he has let escape, he tries to get her category email list to return to his side by writing her a beautiful epistle. If you do not see the embedded video correctly, click here As gloomy as it is depressing, in Posten’s new advertisement, gray and dull colors predominate in a gloomy environment that causes real chills in the viewer . Even so, and despite its markedly sad tone, the spot ends up appealing to hope (because perhaps all is not lost when it comes to climate change).

Signed by the Pol agency

The Arts & Sciences production company and the director Sean Meehan, Posten’s announcement anchors itself in a discouraging “insight” extracted SV Lists from a PwC report. According to this study, only 10 of Norway’s 100 largest companies have cut their CO2 emissions in line with the Paris Agreement. And Posten is one of those 10 companies. «We consider that climate change and environmental issues are very important, particularly for younger people, but in this campaign we wanted to connect with a broader audience and also reach older people who are at the cusp of big things. corporations,” explains Monica Solberg, marketing director at Posten.

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