Social Media Resume what it is and how to make a

In this post we will see the Social Media Resume , what it is , how to make a social media resume, what social networks we should include and what tools can help create a social resume. According to a study carried out by Infojobs, 50% of Spanish companies claim to consult the social profiles of candidates before contacting them for a job interview. And 1 in 5 companies admit to having ruled out a candidate after reviewing their social networks . And it is because of data like these that it is essential to manage our social networks very well and take care of our social media resume. So let’s see what we can do to take advantage of the social curriculum and help us professionally. But, let us start at the beginning.

The first section to

Take into account is our activity on the network. Here we must analyze everything we publish on social networks (ours and others), comments on blogs. Social network executive email list groups and forums , as well as content shared on blogs, YouTube and other channels. A very useful tool to analyze old posts on social networks that. We no longer remember and that can damage our digital image or make us lose a job interview is (it indicates if there is a post that we should delete from our social profiles). Another point that we have to take into account is digital reputation. The image or perception that your brand or professional profile has on the network. We have to be clear that this digital reputation is built. From comments and opinions on the network , which can be positive or negative .

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So important to take care of and monitor our reputation on the Internet. To measure your digital reputation, you can start by doing a. Google search and see SV Lists what is said about you (comments, mentions) and where (networks, blogs, websites, etc.). Furthermore, if you write your name or word in the Google search. Engine in quotes, you will see more results, and analyze the position in which mentions about you occupy. A very interesting tool to monitor our reputation is Google Alerts. Which allows us to create alerts related to our brand and professional name. When someone mentions you on the Internet, Google will send you a notice.

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