Reciprocal link and the impact on SEO

There are many factors that contribute to the effectiveness of an SEO campaign, and you’ve probably heard about them many times. These are: publication of valuable content, optimization, keyword phrases and ultimately creating a database of external and internal links. In the context of the last mentioned activity, the potential of the reciprocal link is mentioned .

The concept is not as popular as the other highlighted activities. Therefore, we answer all doubts and present a compendium of knowledge about the impact of this type of linking on the rank of the optimized website.

We could talk about the potential of linking for hours, but the purpose of this activity comes down to building the website’s position in the search engine.

Why is It Worth Linking We Could Talk

Link building (an alternative name for linking) is the procedure of obtaining valuable links that redirect users to a specific website. If they Whatsapp Database appear on various websites or social channels, we are dealing with external linking. An alternative action is internal linking, which in turn takes place within the website area.

The previously practiced stuffing of links inside and outside the platform turned out to be a hit in the arm. While volume was important in the past, the rise of spam has seen significant changes. New Google algorithms changed their approach and began to focus on the value of links.

Internal Links Vs External Links Basic Differences

Before we move on to the main point of our considerations, we will present the basics of link building. There SV Lists are several types of links, although the most popular are external and internal. What are the differences in defining both terms? Let’s check it!

Internal links – they are placed within a specific page, redirecting the user from one subpage to another; their role is to provide support in website navigation (both for Internet users and Google bots.

External links – appear on various pages and direct the user to the target site. From an SEO perspective , these are links that come from reliable, valuable sources, i.e. reputable online platforms. It is also extremely important that the links look naturally implemented and contain quality, consistent content.

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