Create a free blog? 12 Powerful Free Platforms

Would you like to create a free blog, but you don’t know how or where to start. Do not worry, it is very easy. Today, on the Internet we can find a large number of software. Or platforms that allow us to have a Digital presence quickly. Free and easily at the same time. Having a blog is no longer a necessity, it is almost an obligation for any professional. Company or business that wants to improve its presence in the online world. He is one of the pillars of your brand’s content marketing strategy and the best means. With which to demonstrate your Know-How to your target audience . If you are interested in owning one, today I am going to show you where you can create a blog for free.

Where can I create a blog for free?

Whether on a paid or free platform, a blog is the ideal place to share informative articles related. To the business email contact list niche of your brand or company. The objective of these posts is to offer valuable content to your audience To inform attract. And convince them of potential clients. If you want to create your own, you can start with a free platform. And then, as your project evolves and you have more budget, switch to a paid option, if you wish. Precisely, that is how this same blog started. I first set it up with a free tool and, when I was sure that it would. Work and that it was what I wanted to do, I migrated it to my own professional Web hosting at Raiola Networks.

Advertising and monetization

Today we will see some online tools or platforms that will allow you to have. A free blog with which to generate SV List content for your Digital strategy. On the other hand, currently there are different hosting services (paid). That also allow you to create a blog with their free and customizable Web design tools. But we will talk about this another time. From now on, I only want to focus on those platforms that have 100% free versions. Although, it is true that almost all of these services to create a free blog. Which I am now going to show you, also allow you, after a while. To upgrade to more professional payment plans or make a copy of it and move it to a different hosting. , depending on your needs.

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