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Popular keyword There are many reasons why purchasing such domains use to be and still is a great investment. Here are the most important advantages of premium domains: Creibility: A premium domain is one way to increase the creibility of our website and trust in our brand or person. Memorability: Premium domains are usually short and common phrases that are easily remembere by our recipients. Curiosity: Some visits to the premium domain will be completely free, triggere by curiosity and the questions What will I find on this site? or Who owns it? Popularity: The process of increasing your website’s popularity through search engines SEO.

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Easier if your domain contains a common, popular keyword. Check out the fastest WordPress hosting and Ecommerce hosting on the market . The most expensive photo editor domains in – confirme transactions Over the last years, absurd amounts have been paid for the most valuable Internet domains. Much in this matter will not change quickly, because owners usually investment companies are still waiting for the best domain names to be sold. Worth knowing: The most expensive TLD is undoubtely the ending. Today, however, we will not focus on the greatest purchases of all time. We will take a closer look at the largest transactions that took place in. 

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The price assigne to the Voice domain place it in st place in and in th place in the all-time ranking. The domain was purchase by Block.one, a company operating in the cryptocurrency industry, which raise billions of dollars during its ICO initial coin offering. The previous owner SV Lists of this domain was MicroStrategy – an internet pioneer that acquire many great addresses at the very beginning of the Internet. They still have domains such as hope, wisdom and strategy. California most expensive domains in – california Although the price of the California domain is times lower than the leader of the ranking of the most expensive domains of , it is still impressive.

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