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He will try to manage your company’s public relations in such a way as to distinguish it from the competition and ensure a stable position on the market. It is worth remembering that creativity in public relations activities is not only imagination use when creating an image campaign and creating its individual elements, but also a perfect understanding of market situations and creating a strategy base on seemingly incompatible elements, completely different, new values ​​and diagrams. The creativity of a public relations agency manifests itself in the skilful adjustment of PR activities to a given client.

With A Small Number Of Followers

Cooperation with a public relations agency – how to start? Are you looking for a public relations agency for yourself? You have probably already notice that two types of entities dominate the market: small single-track agencies; employ database no more than 3-5 people; giant corporations, where processes take months and prices can be shocking. Commplace is one of the few public relations agencies on the market that combine: polish capital, many years of experience, human approach, state-of-the-art business tactics.


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Start your search for a public relations firm by finding out if you’re dealing with experts. You will know it, among others, by the portfolio of previous implementations and the position of a specialist. We also recommend the simplest test for the SV Lists efficiency of an internet marketing company. All you have to do is enter important public relations or marketing terms into the search engine. Commplace tops the results for many such terms. This is probably the best proof that we really know what we do. Visit our about us page and get to know us better. Commplace is a constantly growing team of specialists from all over Poland.

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