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Javascript etc.). Debugging the program. Testing or testing the program. Common Types of Programmers programmer type Do you know the types of programmers ? Even though programmers are synonymous Manguni Squad which is no less cool with computer programs, in reality there are many types of this profession, you know . If you want to become a programmer , focus on the programming path that you are interested in. So what? So that you know the direction of the work, as well as the results obtained. The following are various programmer paths that you can choose: 1. Web Programmer You have commonly heard of this type. Web programmers are in great demand by companies or startups . Because, almost all companies have a website. Not just anyone can manage a website because experts such as programmers.

The main task of a web programmer

are needed to guarantee the quality of the website.  is to focus on developing internet sites and websites, such as creating websites for online shops, social media, services, etc. A web programmer can also operate the database on a website. 2. Application Programmer Application programmers are programmers who create applications whatsapp data on computers or smartphones. For example, applications installed on your desktop, such as antivirus, browser, tools, etc. There are also on your smartphone , such as applications (Android/ iOS), games, social media that you usually download on Playstore or Appstore . The prospects for this type of programmer are quite promising. The reason is, almost everyone has a smartphone . This is the main reason why people are competing to become Android programmers or so on. 3. Embedded System Programmer.

The job of an embedded systems

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programmer is to write system source code to control home/electronic equipment. Embedded systems are used in various objects that are near you such as mobile phones, digital cameras, remote controls , washing machines, etc. Also read the article What is a Full Stack Developer? Skills that must be mastered SV Lists Things a Programmer Must Master wireframes What things must a programmer master ? So, here are some of the things or skills of a programmer, including the following: Mastering Algorithms In creating an application, programmers must think about appropriate methods for system processing. Why are algorithms so important ? Because, with algorithms you can solve a problem. You must know functions, loops with “Om Telolet Om”, as well as urban areas in Indonesia. Fighting, hitting and shooting are his mainstay attacks.

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