Google Merchant Center how does it work

Google Merchant Center is a tool created by the search engine in which. You can automatically enter data related to your eCommerce, upload information. About your products (product ID, stock, description, price, etc. And then be able to use them in your campaigns. from Google Ads. What is it for? This tool allows you to automatically upload information through. A data feedto advertise everything you sell within your Online. Store in the different channels that Google has available to you. Such as, for example Shopping, the results of the search engine itself or other sites associates.

How exactly does Merchant Center work?

 It is even possible to advertise your products on local channels. Or inventories to increase sales in your top people data area or city more efficiently. But, it not only helps you promote your products optimally in the. Various channels of this search engine but it is very easy to use and is a direct method to improve your work.. In order to optimize the number of sales or customers. potentials that can have access to your Online Store. Taking this into account, it is easy to see Merchant Center as an almost mandatory tool for. Any eCommerce that aims to be more competitive . Although you can continue working on your advertising campaigns without it. It is much more beneficial to take advantage of all its advantages. As you will discover in this article. Download My Ebook About Automated Funnels

Registration of your business and selection of programs

Therefore, I recommend you create an account for your business. Upload the information SV List from your eCommerce product catalog. And start promoting them through the enormous network of channels that Google has set up for you. In just three steps, you can start taking advantage of the benefits. That it offers to its users and give visibility to your store. The three points that you should know about the operation of this platform are. Registration of your business and selection of programs. The account creation process is not complex you will discover it below. It is only necessary to have a previously created Google account (for which, if you do not have it. You must create a Gmail email) and use it to register your business and its data. This company registration process is only done once, as the search. Engine uses this information and maintains it for all subsequent channels and services.

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