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Is writing a blog stuck? 8 tips with which you can sort through the pile of white paper! So. This is not something to laugh at, as it is an overwhelming feeling that has a huge impact. Here are 8 tips that you should check in your own everyday life and in your writing to unleash your creativity. 1. Theme, concepts, perspective, dream reader and motivation Have you figured out what your writing theme is? What is the overarching concept of what you are writing about? What is your exact perspective on your topic? What subcategories does your theme fall into and what kind of concepts should you unlock? ? You may have defined these when you started as a writer, but come back to them regularly. Remind yourself of the core that you want to follow and that your readers need information about.

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These factors form the backbone of your writing that holds the whole thing together. Without clarifying these, you special data will be groping in a dark forest without a map. Also turn on the headlamp and make your driving force and motivation brighter for yourself. Why do you do what you do? Keep these in mind every day. 2. Continuous maintenance of creativity We are not vats that automatically bubble up creativity and energy. Maintaining creativity and inspiration as a constant part of your everyday life is one important part of your professionalism. It is important for you to know what kind of things inspire you. Spend time on these, even if they have nothing to do with writing. Sprinkle little sources of inspiration throughout your day, for every day. It is important for creativity to challenge your own views.  different and inspiring people. Ask for other people’s perspectives on things. Read books, magazines and blogs.

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Do something with your hands (bake, weed a flower bed, knit, draw…). Achieving a tangible output gives you SV Lists proof that you can get it done. Making by hand also frees up space in our brains for creative thoughts. 8 tips to help you sift through a pile of white paper 3. Daily rhythm A regular daily rhythm and routines release creativity. They give space to the brain to work on demanding tasks. Also remember: sleep, nutrition, exercise and rest. Take care of this important quad. Without these, nothing happens. 4. Living situation Also take into account your life situation. If there are stressful things going on in your life, they will also show in your creativity. The horror of a white paper can also be a sign that you are in an overloaded state, when the brain simply cannot produce new things.

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