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 Maker philosophy: beginnings and influence in the university community To participate in this event, students had to wake up and do group work as a challenge for 36 hours. Among the winners and with the achievement of obtaining second place in this Hackathon is our II cycle of Systems Engineering student Ramiro Chávez, who attends UPN Lima Norte headquarters. It is important to highlight Ramiro’s participation because it is the first approach that he has had in activities relat to the maker philosophy in our environment and at only 17 years old.

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The project develop is New Horizons, a video game with a reward system bas on good environmental practices. The team members were Ramiro Chávez, María Lícito, Jhorman Tasayco, Erich Balois and Jhon Villanueva. Soon I will present the second part of this topic, placing emphasis on the E – Maker UPN proposal , the network business email list of UPN students and professors involv with the philosophy of “learning by doing” who will share their experiences and shape different individual or group research projects. , development and innovation (R+D+i) aim at the implementation, validation and pilot deployment of innovative solutions in the different areas in the UPN hacklab.

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This post is a collaboration of Evelyn Rondón Jara, professor at the Department of General Studies at the Universidad Privada del Norte .January is usually the month in which Isabel Allende publishes her works. We lovers of the Chilean writer hope confident that something will come out of her pen (suddenly, in these digital times, it SV Lists would be more appropriate to think of a keyboard instead of an obsolete pen), because for 35 years now we have been accustom to imagining her. sitting at her desk with a new story to tell us.

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