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Another option to replace advertising banners is to add affiliate links to the post. Before you do that, read 19.7. published blog post in which I go through affiliate marketing in more detail . 4. Google Translate Getting international readers to your blog is of course great, but with Google Translate you make yourself more of a laughing stock than a professional blogger (excuse my harsh language). Have you ever actually read what the text looks like with Google Translate?  blog: “It didn’t take long for this beauty to be in the closet, and luckily I ordered a larger piece because it was just the perfect fabric for the new maxi dress.” Translation: “Very long, this is not the beauty closet because I had time and, fortunately, I ordered a piece of it fairer, because it was just the perfect Canvas to a new maxi.”

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An alternative to Google Translate If you want to get foreign new data readers, have the posts translated by a professional <3 5. Facebook like box, if there are less than 500 likes Social Proof. Tells you that others like what you do. But if there are few likes, it gives the opposite impression. Many bloggers try to get more followers (e.g. on Facebook) by adding a like box to the sidebar. But if there are really only 20 likes, how attractive does it seem to new readers? If the likes box has been in the sidebar for several months and the number of likes has not increased, then you should throw it away with a clear conscience.  more effective ways. Ps If you have a lot of likes and you definitely want a like box for your own blog, here you can find on-screen instructions on how to do it . ) the end of each blog post, you can add a short prompt like this: “Hey, are we connected on Facebook? Go like the page and comment a short greeting. I reply to every comment I get.

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The intention is not to move the sidebar elements to the bottom bar Is the sidebar really even necessary? Yes With the sidebar, we can easily guide SV Lists the reader forward to where we want to go. Quantity does not replace quality, so think carefully about which 3 add-ons, widgets, widgets or elements you want to put in it. No More than 65% of readers read blogs on a mobile device. As a result, the sidebar moves after the blog posts. If a reader is reading your blog on a mobile device, they may never scroll far enough to see what the sidebar contains. Check your own blog on a mobile device and think about how it looks from the reader’s point of view and whether it is worth deleting it completely. Is writing a blog stuck? 8 tips with which you can sort through the pile of white paper! Guest pens by experts | 0 Comments | Tibia Continent A cold sweat of pain runs down his back.

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