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MB Installed: eveloper :  , even data types such as arrays and others. Therefore, algorithms are the main key to a programmer . Have Code Reading Skills You must be good at reading and Alfian Dharma Kusuma Also check understanding open source projects on Sourceforge or GitHub . Sometimes programmers forget this one thing. Even though this is important, you know . Try to understand how it works and find patterns. That’s where there is an idea that you can apply to the project. Mastering One Or More Programming Languages. Programmers must master programming languages. There are 2 options for programmers, namely mastering one or more languages. If you master one programming language, become a specialist. However, nowadays it can be said that technology is increasingly .

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developing, it woul multi-languages. Of course, you have to be a specialist in one of them. The analogy is like a general practitioner and a specialist doctor, surely you know the difference, right? Indeed, learning many languages ​​will allow you to work in many languages. And make you understand the ws data differences between each programming language. But you must have a specialist in one language first before trying another. Mastering OOP (Object Oriented Programming) Why should you learn OOP? By mastering OOP, program code will become more structured and easier to read. Imagine writing it with one big script or procedural. Wow, that’s definitely going to be a hassle. If you want to master web frameworks , then you can write your own library.

And you need to master OOP

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and Design Patterns first . Even though OOP is important, in reality it does not have to be implemented in all programming languages. Sometimes there are some functional programming languages that do not require OOP concepts. Mastering Computer Networks You must master at least the SV Lists basics of computer networking. Like what? Such as IP address configuration , subnetting , and client server . Maybe you are a little lazy about learning TCP/IP and OSI. However, it will be even more beautiful if you can master it. This is important before you enter the world of the internet and cloud computing . Indeed, not all applications built must be connected to the internet. However, you have to play a dual role as a network engineer .

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