Instagram Stories what are they for?

nstagram Stories (or stories) are a tool available within this social network. Through which you can share both photos and videos on your profile in a more originalCV. Way and adding different visual complements, with a lifespan of 24 hours. In them you can inform your community of followers. Or target audience about your daily routines or activities in a fun way. As you can add stickers, background music. Some emojis, filters, surveys, even question forms. What are these stories or Stories for? For most brands and companies. Is the perfect platform on which to carry out their digital Marketing plan. Due to its proximity to the public, its easy access and simplicity of publications.

How to make your own Instagram stories?

The Stories will appear at the top of your feed not in your gallery. And can be enjoyed by email leads any of your followers, as long as you have a public profile. You can create new content of this type whenever you want. s they are almost unlimited. It appeared as a competing idea to Snapchat by Marc Zuckerberg. In fact, in the videos you can use all kinds of masks and scenarios to make them more entertaining. Now that you know what they are, let’s see how you can create your first Instagram story on your profile. How to make your own Instagram stories. If it is the first time that you come across this functionality, I want you to know that creating them or uploading photos. To the Stories section is very simple, in which you only have to take a few steps into account. How to access them The first thing will be to explain. How to enter this section since to be honest.

Be careful! Everything has its limits

Once you swipe, if you opted for this method, your smartphone. Will ask for permission to give it access to this platform SV List to access your gallery. Or camera roll, in the case of iPhones of photos and videos. Since they are two of the contents that you can share here. Simply click on “Allow” or “Accept”. Be careful! Everything has its limits How many IG stories can we upload at the same time. The platform allows us to share up to a maximum of 100 Stories. 15 seconds each at the same time. That is, 25 minutes in total. Therefore, if by chance you complete this quota of 100. You will have to wait for 24 hours to pass after each publication. And for them to be eliminated to upload more.Start uploading your content Once inside Instagram Stories. A tutorial on how it works will be activated.

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