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 In addition, although there are specific plugins that can perform other optimization tasks, it gives you a very powerful option to optimize your website in the same package: delayed loading of images and videos. With caching and these two options, you can greatly optimize your website. #. Optimizing and compressing images on web pages One of the elements that most affect website performance and loading speed is images.

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Most people fail to realize that before uploading an image to new database the web, it must be resized, cropped and optimized if necessary, and then you will find that your image is as wide as pixels and weighs several megabytes, making uploading a page difficult. Here you will learn how to optimize the images of your website. Also, I suggest you install an image compression plugin in it; I use Smash. #.

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Cleaning up spam and database Plugins is one of the best options for keeping your database clean, although I left you with other options above. This is very positive because database overload can also affect the performance and loading speed of your website. It also provides the option to clean up the database and SV Lists allows you to arrange for it to do so automatically. When someone visits your site from a location far from where the site is hosted, they receive information slightly later than the closer user.

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