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He broadcas and interaction  Prime time access was won every evening by the. Raiuno game show and no longer by the satirical news of Canale . The program had been purchas by Rai bas on the. Deal or No Deal format , produc by Endemol which was enjoying success all over the. World and in the first itions reach an audience of % share and almost million viewers . You could say that the success was a given as the game show. Was achieving great results in all countries where it was broadcast. The game was very simple.

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The luck and intuition of the competitors seo expate bd who. Had to choose packages containing objects or cash prizes of different values. Guiding everything was a presenter (after Bonolis, Antonella Clerici, Pupo and Max Giusti0. Who animat the choice of packages in the studio while outside there was an author of the program who interven in the studio by telephone to offer prizes of lower value to packages still available. All this serv to animate the game and keep the public glu to the television to discover the lucky or adverse fate of the competitor in the game.

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Actor Flavio Insinna arriv as host and SV Lists continu. To strengthen the program’s audience, causing some concern to. Antonio Ricci, director and historical author of Striscia la Notizia . From this moment on, a cyclical battle will begin on the part of the satirical news program on Canale , accusing the program of piloting the audience and the share by keeping the richest packages at the end of the program. Striscia la Notizia ‘s accusation evidently does not take into account that the game was certainly controll as the authors of the program knew the contents of the packages and their respective monetary values ​​and inevitably guid the competitor’s choices through telephone offers. It is therefore inexplicable why many viewers.

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