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The most dynamically on the environment and EU projects EU projects are intend to support. Various entities in obtaining funds in order to develop their activities. Build competitiveness, accelerate digital or ecological transformation, e.g. towards a circular economy. Environmental protection as part of the EU project has become an element that is paying more and more attention. Both countries, their policies and entrepreneurs are putting greater emphasis on solutions that will accelerate the green transformation. An example is the current assumptions of the European Green Deal. References to which can be found in the provisions of many programs and specific grants from the – perspective.

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Sustainability in the context of the project In EU projects. The principle of sustainable development can be found, according to which the applicant is responsible for demonstrating the compliance of the project. With environmental protection regulations. This is a Photo Retouching horizontal EU principle that is absolutely require in every project. The applications must indicate ways of meeting this principle as part of the activities implement in the project. Sustainable development in the context of the project includes factors such as respect for the environment, social progress and economic growth. A sustainable approach to project implementation includes, among others.

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Such activities that will be aim at rational management of resources, taking into account environmental effects in management, reducing pressure on the environment and raising the ecological awareness of society. Refuse principle Refers to refusing, rejecting SV Lists and abandoning the use of materials, substances or products that are not suitable for reuse, repair or recycling. The principle influences sustainable action by giving up and avoiding unnecessary, inappropriate and harmful products, materials or substances to the environment or to human life and health. The main goals of this rule include reducing waste production and minimizing the consumption of raw materials and pollutant emissions.

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