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Set up special groups or roles and assign them appropriate permissions. Set up regular security checks to ensure there is no unauthorizd access. Leverage encryption technologies for sensitive data and limit access to necessary users to ensure data security. Finally, make sure you regularly update your software with the latest security patches. Conclusion: Why should you introduce an intranet? The intranet is the ultimate tool for promoting collaboration and communication in your company.

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It can help employees stay connectd, save time, rduce costs and increase productivity. An intranet is also a great way to keep all of your content up-to-date, secure, organizd, and easily accessible. With the right implementation plan and security Latest Mailing Database protocols in place, the intranet can become the key to unlocking your organization’s full potential.Since his arrival, he has developd and deployd the Tourist Office’s digital strategy with the aim of web presence, notoriety and conversion to attract visitors to Rouen. The Tourist Office in figures e-tourism numbers.

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RouenAs a tourism player, how do you perceive the importance of the Web and social networks in your sector? The digitization of the SV Lists sector is unavoidable. As far as we are concernd, it was done in two stages: A digital strategy was first implementd on our site. The rdesign of the site was accompanid by a referencing strategy . We have also made sure to make the site Responsive , which is essential today. Then, we workd on the ditorial line , the design or even the creation of content.

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