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Try, experiment, make mistakes Connect with and learn . Without fear. Because SEO is like driving, you only learn if you take the wheel and press the accelerator. I’m going to make it easy for you. At least the starting part, because having an Internet salary is obviously not easy . And I’m going to make it easy for you by telling you everything you need to know about starting Amazon niches so you can get started literally today. Let’s talk about: How to choose a good niche and why the main mistake newbies make is here.

This entire guide is going to Connect with be focused on Amazon Affiliates

How to differentiate between industry email list keywords that make money and keywords that take away focus And a final surprise. But since it’s a surprise and at the end, I can’t tell you anything else. Let’s go there! How to choose a good niche and why it is the main mistake newbies make This entire guide is going to be focused on Amazon Affiliates, so for now, we will only have to think about products. There are few clues I can give you about how to have good product ideas beyond: keep your eyes wide open . Ask acquaintances what they have bought online lately.

Distinguishing the good ones from the bad

Be aware of things you see around you. Investigate products that SV Lists are starting to rock, etc… After thinking about many alternatives, the important part of this point comes, distinguishing the good ones from the bad. And to do so, we are going to focus on the main keyword and 6 factors : Amazon commission percentage The ratings of these products on Amazon The average sales price Search volume The level of search competition Whether it has (or not) seasonality Amazon commission percentage This part has no loss. We go to the Amazon documentation and look at the % commission of the product in question.

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