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Generat from the creation processes. Currently, the concept of the maker movement is about two fundamental pillars: learning and teaching . The dynamic is born from the philosophy of diy (do it yourself) “learning by doing” combining the opportunities that makers have, this is the name given to the community that knows about different topics and that, in turn, provides the knowlge it has about the same to their peers. This philosophy motivates participants to learn from everyone in a community that is emerging today with startups , as well as in different ucational institutions in the country and the world.

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Next, we will show two models of innovation communities orient to maker dynamics in the words of their own founders. Hack Space Peru Association Its founder, Álvaro Concha, points out that Hack Space is a community in which they aim to train people who are new to web development through training at the beginning of each year and then during b2b email list constant sunrises every Friday (at the headquarters of the Faculty of Architecture, Urban Planning and Arts of the UNI). Thus, people will be able to learn and develop their skills and then present their first project and they will be pair with marketing and management people so that they can start a startup or continue researching on their own.

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The idea is that people start developing companies, generating technology. (EmpreNDE, 2014). Makerlab PUCP: Programming Workshop For its founder, Irina Ávila, MakerLab is a space for social entrepreneurship and technological development through the formation of communities of makers that follow the principles of the “learning by SV Lists doing” philosophy (MakerLab, 2016). This is how this site brings together students not only from the PUCP, but all those who are interest in learning about programming and want to develop their skills in this topic regardless of their career.

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