Bitácoras 2015 Awards and 7 daily tasks of a Blogger

If you have a Blog, you have to submit to the 2015 Bitácoras Awards. we already have a new edition with the arrival of the 2015 Bitácoras Awards. In addition, perhaps the most coveted award for a Blogger but which in my opinion should not be seen as the result of so many hours of work and so many hours without sleep writing. Therefore, in your Blog, and not with an example of success, since I consider that success is an ephemeral factor. The greatest success of a Blogger is to be passionate every day with each article. Therefore, he writes and to inspire the people who follow him with what he likes most.

Natural and good Link Building

Natural and good Link Building. Submitting to this type of awards. Therefore, is a very effective way to get several very high quality links and all of them naturally, so that Mr. Google does not get angry. Just by appearing in the provisional listings we will get several links from a domain with authority 74. Therefore,a beast, which top people data will increase our domain authority. But also if we manage to be among the 10 or 20 of the final list we will also get more links from other blogs in the sector that usually publish the Top 10 or Top 20.

You get readers on Feedly

You get readers on Feedly. You’re going to laugh but the first time. I participated in these awards I only had 30 readers on Feedly, very far from the 1,900 readers. I have now, but it’s true and the first time. Therefore, I didn’t have more than 2,000 visits a month. I got be in position 33 in the ranking. I achieved this milestone by pulling friends and people to seek votes, hehehe. The good thing about being in SV Lists these rankings. After that, is that you make your Blog known and you can get many readers to follow you on Feedly. After that, and consequently you get more visits and more social amplification

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