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HTTPS, TELNET, FTP, SMTP, SOAP, Oauth , Websocket, etc. Application and Database Layout Design Do you need to be good at design too? Actually, this work can be done by a designer or front end . As a skilled programmer, you must master both. Namely between design and logic. It’s not just about coding, right? There are times when you dive into the world of design because the application layout can determine whether or not the system can run. You can use UML, DFD, flowcharts, Lo-fi, and UI UX to present your ideas before processing them into program code. Apart from that, you must master the database . Because, the data in the application must be stored in a database. You have to learn the relationships of each database table. Like it or not, you have to understand ERD ( Entity Relationship Diagram ). Master English Don’t forget, you also have to learn English. Because almost all program languages are designed in English. Like loops using if, else, then, etc. 

These instructions must be mastered

 By the programmer . You don’t need to worry, nowadays there is a lot of learning to code using English. Both free and paid. It’s a loss if you don’t use it. Why do you need to be able to speak English? Yes, because, uh, English is an international language. Language is a soft skill that you will use in the future. Language is like a communication bridge with clients. Start ws database learning to speak English, at least you understand the passive level of the language itself. Mastering Operating Systems and Other Applications The operating system really determines the user. Determining what? The operating system is like a programmer’s weapon because it is useful for determining the programming language you will use. For example, Windows, the languages that have great potential are C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server, and Azure. As for iOS, you need to start by installing Xcode and using the Swift language. 

Then use tools such as a text editor

In essence, decide who you want to create an application for. that you find comfortable to use. Mastering Source Management Git, Mercurial, and Svn are examples of tools that can make it easier for you to manage source code . Still like saving code changes using a flash disk ? From now on, use source code management . That will make it easier for you when working with a team. No need to bother, when compared to SV Lists a flash disk . Flash disks are vulnerable to loss, viruses, formatting, and having to be plugged into a laptop here and there, hehe . With source management , you can see code errors, changes that have been made, perform rollbacks, and if necessary can also add comments. As long as there is an internet connection, data remains safe and easy for team members to access anytime and anywhere. Some source code management that is frequently.

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