Techniques and How to Avoid It in Ppc Campaigns

What is click fraud or fraudulent click ? What are the motivations for carrying out these actions? In this article I talk about the best-known techniques and ways to detect click fraud. Nowadays many of the ads we see on the Internet (Google and social networks) are billed based on the clicks they receive. Advertising networks such as Google Ads or Bing Ads promote a business model through which advertisers pay for ads on their search engines when a potential customer clicks on the ad. But there are cases, when advertisers do not receive the expected results despite good click-through rates.

And one of the reasons

For not achieving those results is click fraud or click fraud. If you don’t know what I’m talking about and you are thinking about investing in advertising or company data you have Adsense ads on your website , keep reading the post because this topic may interest you. Click fraud (in Spanish, “fraudulent click” or “click fraud”) consists of systematically manipulating the number of clicks on ads based on the cost per click (CPC). That is, they try to deceive the system by generating false clicks on advertising formats in order to obtain direct or indirect benefits. To avoid this type of “fraud,” advertising platforms usually have mechanisms to avoid fraudulent clicking with the aim of providing the best possible services to their clients (advertisers).

Techniques and is that

This practice is very unethical, but there are motivations why companies. And people carry out these types of actions, such as: Advertisers. Who try to SV Lists sabotage the competition by increasing the cost of clicks. On their ads and reducing the number of legitimate clicks . For example: your competition may click on your ads. In order to exhaust your advertising budget and thus cause you to run. Out of budget, that is, your ads stop being published. If they achieve this, they stop having you as competition for their ads. Ad publishers (or other friendly people) who click on ads displayed on their own websites to generate more income . 

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