Appropriate Website Architecture Intuitive

No matter how valuable content you place on the website, the lack of transparency in the arrangement of individual categories or important offers can be discouraging from the very beginning. So make sure to name individual options and menus appropriately.

Number 5. Optimization of graphic elements
Nothing captures the consumer’s imagination like proper product visualization. For this purpose, it is worth considering choosing photos showing the product in 360 degrees. A short video presenting the assortment not only pleases the eye, but also encourages thoughtful purchasing decisions. Conversion rate optimization is based on systematic improvement of the managed platform.

There are many tasks carried out to improve the described coefficient. It is worth considering introducing remarketing, implementing a loyalty program and taking care of the reputation of the e-store.

Number 5 Optimization of graphic elements

Number 6. Website responsiveness and loading speed
More and more often, users make Ws Number List online purchases via smartphones. For this reason, it is extremely important to match the elements of the managed website to the parameters of the device.

If the user has difficulty using the website, he or she will refrain from further use of the platform’s resources. Hence the need to verify possible errors and repair them via Google Search Console.

CRO conversion optimization is directly related to a well-functioning website. As a result, the faster the website works, the more user satisfaction increases.

Number 6 Website Responsiveness and Loading Speed

Whatsapp Number List

Therefore, the question arises: how to improve the functioning of the platform and influence the quality of query service?

Page speed testing tools Page Speed ​​Insight may be appropriate, thanks to which you can SV Lists check the loading speed of  elements and identify sectors requiring improvement.

Use only innovative photo formats (JPG and JPEG). Locate plugins that may be contributing to significant restrictions.
You can also consider changing your hosting or shortening the HTML code.

Thanks to these activities, the conversion rate will improve, and this is what you should ultimately care about during your e-sales activities.

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