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An external confidence loop the good feeling that comes from action and learne competence. But how do you act when you feel paralyze. Jikkie suggests a number of hacks. Start with mini-habits and break your goals down into whole easy sub-goals. More sports? Start with one push-up, times a week for a few weeks and gradually build up. Bring in more customers? Call one potential customer per week. By making your goals smaller, you increase the chance of success and it is easier to get into the above-mentione competence-confidence loop! Teach yourself to start quickly with your tasks the -second rule. How much time do we spend procrastinating? A simple trick that Jikkie Has calls is counting down from to.

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Always start within seconds with your next task or sub goal. Define mini-goals and teach yourself to start tasks within seconds to kick-start a state of confidence and action! . Authority, network and clothing Set up for success! Environment, circumstances and context can help you enormously in achieving your successes. Self-confidence often arises through and during contact with others. So talk to other experts photo editor about your ambitions, knowlege and skills. Look up network events, practice on your pitch it may also feel awkward at first – but practice makes perfect! and gradually ensure that you know how to present yourself competently.

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An while it may sound superficial to you – get a strong outfit! Especially in these times of working from home, the chance that you will work from home in your homewear is greater. Clothing contributes enormously to your self-esteem, authority and skill. This effect is calle enclothe cognition and has been scientifically proven. The most important thing is that you dress SV Lists in the image you have of the goals you want to achieve. If you really dont know how to dress and which style suits your goals, you can always hire a professional stylist. Surround yourself with people who complement your network.

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