After wins the Media Market account in Spain for strategic creativity

MediaMarkt Iberia , the leading consumer electronics distribution and associated services company, has chosen After as its new strategic creative agency following an agency competition held during the first half of the year. The electronics retailer has decided to work with this new partner, so that the After office in Barcelona will be completely involved in the brand and its philosophy to provide creative responses to all the needs that arise in its brand, service divisions . trade marketing and web.

Head of Marketing at Media Market

In the words of Filomena Spranger Jorge : «We are very happy to start working hand in hand with the After team. We highlight their industry email list commitment to the triple axis of strategy-creativity-omnichannel, which we believe will allow us to get closer and more direct to our consumers, capturing our essence and our brand values. «We want to be the preferred brand of our clients, a trusted brand where they find the answer to everything they need , a ‘Love Brand’ in the technology sector. And we are sure that together with After we will be able to move forward in this direction », he adds.

The main challenge of MediaMarkt and After

This campaign is based on a new brand purpose characterized by the strategic reorientation of the company, focusing on customer experience SV Lists and personalized advice from its specialists. «The After team is not afraid of challenges and we are aware that working hand in hand with MediaMarkt is. Being able to interpret technology from a creative point of view and at the same time moving away from commonplaces is a challenge. This, together with the strategy and omnichannel, makes up our proposal to take MediaMarkt to the top in terms of brand image,” says Alexis Ferran , General Director of the After office in Barcelona .

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