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Although its distribution in Latin America began in June, with Beyond the Winter , a novel with a realistic and direct style, three main characters appear who are in the deepest winter of their lives and who survive a terrible snow storm that hurts New York and that convinces us that love, like noble people, can come at any time and at any age. Firstly there is Lucía, a Chilean professor who years ago fl her country when the government of Salvador Allende fell. Then, Richard, another professor, American, mature, with a calm temperament and a delicate love past.

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Finally, Evelyn appears, a young Guatemalan immigrant and stutterer who, after experiencing moments of great brutality in her hometown, is sent by her grandmother to the Unit States illegally. This girl represents fragility in the novel, because she had to live business lead in fear of the worst things that can happen to someone; experiences that we see so far away from us and that do not affect us directly, but that exist. The initial setting is Brooklyn, snowy and almost isolat by a storm. However, as the story progresses, flashbacks are interspers in Chile, Guatemala, New York and Brazil.

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 The novel closes with a famous quote from the French existentialist Albert Camus – “in the middle of winter I finally learn that there was an invincible summer in me” – ( L’Été , 1954), and develops a plot of political work and social demand that , at the pace of a thriller , presents the human geography of characters typical of Trump’s America, which the San Francisco-bas writer manages to sew into one of her most personal stories. We are fac with an absolutely SV Lists current work that addresses the reality of migration and the identity of today’s America through characters who find hope in love and second chances.

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